Chris Keulen studied Dutch literature at the University of Nijmegen, and Visual arts at the Royal Academy of arts in The Hague. For many years he has worked on long-term projects that result in exhibitions, publications and books. Sometimes he works on assignments (Ministery of foreign affairs (Rwanda), Medecins sans Frontieres (Congo), Leprosy foundation (Moçambique), NRC (Sénégal), Trouw (Camille, Guatamala), National Geographic (The Netherlands), Geo (Eritrea) but mostly on his own initiative (Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ghana, Congo DRC, Guatamala, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Germany).

Keulen has received two World Press Photo Awards and won the Zilveren Camera in 2017.  Before this general prize he received eleven Zilveren Camera Awards and honorable mentions from Unicef, the Dick Scherpenzeel Foundation and the Philip de Cock Foundation.

Chris Keulen published three books: ‘Rwanda, land zonder horizon’ (1997), ‘Hete glassplinters; le tour d’Afrique’ (2008) and ‘Chez Nous’ (2013). Keulen’s work has been published in NRC Handelsblad, Trouw, de Volkskrant, Quest, de Morgen, Geo,The Observer, National Geographic, Le Monde and many others. Visa Pour l’Image in Perpignan exhibited his work three times.


Keulen's 'Le tour d'Afrique' shows the most important cycling races in Africa (Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Senegal, Cameroon) but is much more a social document on the power of the continent.

‘Chez Nous’ reflects the world as seen by Chris Keulen during his many wanderings through his homeregion, Limburg and the Meuse-Rhine Euregion (Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands) over the past three years. 'Chez Nous' is a highly individual portrait of life in a border region where the power centres of Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin seem far away. The book also provides insight into the human comedy that sometimes masks human tragedy. The book has a tendency of surrealism, caused by the split between modern times and the adherence to traditions.

Keulen lives in Maastricht, The Netherlands and is represented by Panos Pictues in London, Laif in Cologne and Hollandse Hoogte in Amsterdam.



Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, The Netherlands
Master’s Dutch language and literature, University of Nijmegen, The   Netherlands
Atheneum-B, Geleen, The Netherlands



2013: ‘Chez Nous’, Zuidervrienden, Maastricht
2008: ‘Hete glasspinters; le tour d’Afrique’, Ipso Facto, Utrecht
2007: ‘Dokters, doctoren en docenten; Faculty of Health Medicine, University Maastricht 1974-2006’, Maastricht
1999: ‘Maastricht in 2010’, Gadet, Maastricht
1997: ‘Rwanda, land zonder horizon’, L.J. Veen, Amsterdam    



2018: winner 'zilveren camera' 2017 (Vulnerable Love) 2014: longlist Dutch Doc Award (Chez Nous)
2011: 3e prize World Press Photo, sportseries (giro dell’Eritrea)
2006: 3th prize ‘zilveren camera’ daily life (Faculty of Health)
2005: 1st prize ‘zilveren camera’ national news (Bush visits Margraten)
2004: 2nd prize FNV ‘Nederland verdient beter’ (strike Nedcar)
2003: 2nd prize ‘zilveren camera’ daily life (islamic school El Habib)
2002: honorable mention Unicef Photo of the year (Congo DRC)
2002: 3th prize ‘zilveren camera’ daily life (funeral Miss Houben)
2001: 1st prize ‘zilveren camera’ sports (Tour du Faso, Burkina Faso)
2000: 1st prize World Press Photo’ sports-series (Tour du Faso, Burkina Faso)
2000: 2nd prize ‘zilveren camera’ arts (passionplay Tegelen)
2000: 2nd prize ‘zilveren camera’ sports (cycling Belgium)
1999: 3th prize ‘zilveren camera’ documentary photography (sugarcanes)
1999: 1st prize ‘zilveren camera’ daily news (communicants)
1998: 1st prize ‘zilveren camera’ national news (flood Netherlands)
1998: 1st prize Philip de Cock, Belgium (Rwanda)
1998: honourable mention ‘Dick scherpenzeelstichting’ (Rwanda)
1997: Fujifilm photojournalist of the year (Rwanda)
1996: 1st prize ‘zilveren camera’ international news (Rwanda)



2010-2013: grant province of Limburg, ‘Chez Nous’
2010-2013: grant Edmond Hustinxstichting, ‘Chez Nous’
2010-2013: grant Elisabeth Strouvenstichting, ‘Chez Nous’
2007-2008: grant Rabobank, ‘Hete glassplinters’, le tour d’Afrique
2007-2008: publicationgrant Fonds BKVB, ‘Hete glassplinters’, le tour d’Afrique
2005-2007: grant FondsBKVB, cycling in Afrika
2005-2007: grant newspaper Trouw, ‘Camille’
2005-2007: grant special journalistic projects, ‘Camille’
2000-2005: grant FondsBKVB, ‘Hete glassplinters’, le tour d’Afrique
1995-1997: NDCO, book and expo Rwanda



2019: group exhibition ‘Public Secrets’ in Bureau Europa, Maastricht (Traversées) 2018: group exhibition zilveren camera Museum Hilversum (vulnerable love) 2017: solo exhibition Maison des métiers d'art, Liege, Belgium (Traversées)
2015: solo exhibition CCHA Hasselt Belgium (Chez Nous)
2015: group exhibition Photobiënnale Condroz (Chez Nous)
2014: group exhibition 'Vies en tranches', Atelier340, Brussels (Tour d'Afrique)
2014: group exhibition longlist DutchDoc, Tropenmuseum (Chez Nous)
2013: solo exhibition OLVwal Maastricht (outdoors Chez Nous)
2013: solo exhibition Zuiderlicht, Maastricht (Chez Nous)
2013: The other Hundred (group). Pacific Place, Hong Kong (Eritrea)
2012: Secret Postcards (group), Jan van Eyck academy Maastricht (Chez Nous)
2012: solo exhibition Sittard-Geleen-Born (Hete glassplinters)
2012: ‘Call the world brother’, Aberystwyth, Wales (Hete glassplinters)
2011-2012: group exhibition World Press Photo, 102 locations worldwide
2011: solo exhibition Market Asmara, Eritrea (giro dell’Eritrea)
2010: group exhibition De Balie, Amsterdam (MSF-photographers Congo)
2010: group exhibition Het Domein, Maastricht (Myth Berlin)
2009: solo exhibition Markt, Emmen (Tour d’Afrique)
2009: solo exhibition Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp (Tour d’Afrique)
2008: solo exhibition Galerie Husson, Bruxelles (Tour d’Afrique)
2008: group Breda Photo, Breda (Tour d’Afrique)
2008: solo Speichernhöfen, Cologne (Tour d’Afrique)
2008: screenshow photofestival Perpignan (Tour d’Afrique)
2008: solo exhibition OBA, Amsterdam (Tour d’Afrique)
2008: group exhibition Grote Kerk, Leeuwarden (Misere Nobis)
2008: group exhibition Grote Kerk, Leeuwarden (Misere Nobis)
2008: solo exhibition Centre Céramique, Maastricht (Tour d’Afrique)
2008: group exhibition Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam (photographers of NRC Handelsblad)
2007: solo exhibition RK-church Nes, Ameland. (Misere Nobis)
2007: group exhibition Noorderlicht, Groningen (Act of Faith)
2007: solo exhibition LUX, Nijmegen (humor in Afrika)
2006: group exhibition Revela, Oleiros, La Coruna, (Congo DRC)
2006: group exhibition Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht (God among the Dutch)
2006: group exhibition Foam, Amsterdam (Spain)
2004: group exhibition Unicef Photokina, Cologne (Congo DRC)
2003: group exhibition MSF, fotofestival Naarden (Congo DRC)
2002: screenshow photofestival Perpignan (Congo DRC)
2001: screenshow photofestival Perpignan (Burkina Faso)
2001-2002: group exhibition World Press Photo, 42 locations worldwide (Burkina     Faso)
2000: group exhibition GKf Kunstrai, Amsterdam (Oeganda)
1998-1999: solo exhibition Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht (Rwanda)
1997-1998: solo exhibition Africamuseum, Berg en Dal (Rwanda)